Workshop 9 Bringing transparency and meaningful citizen participation to city politics

Time has come to create a better Brussels for and with its people. Current politics is out of date and shows its limits blatently. Municipalism to the rescue! Transparency and citizens’ participation are pillars of municipalism and can re-ignite positive action. Not coincidentally, they are two points of the programme of Plan B, a citizens movement that is running in the local elections of October 2018 in Brussels-City.

This workshop will take three recent controversial development projects in Brussels-City to illustrate how politicians have failed citizens of Brussels through utter neglect of transparency and citizens’ participation: the NEO project on the Heysel plane, the pedestrian area around Boulevard Anspach, and the Haren prison plan.

We will also share and develop ideas for future projects in Brussels-City and experience firsthand how empowering and community-building it is to work with the tools of municipalism.