To install FX Chem 4, first download and install MacUpdate Desktop

It has been developed at Carnegie Mellon by Jonathan Cohen, Matthew Flatt, Brian MacWhinney and Jefferson Provost for Mac OS 9 within the ’90s. Thanks to its creators, its code is public, underneath the GNU GPL license. It has been ported to OS X with the SISSA Language, Cognition and Development Lab, because of a collective effort sponsored by a number of labs.

iTunes Alarm turns your Mac to the most fully featured alarm you’ve ever owned. It’ll gently place you to nap then quietly perform the same on your computer. When its time to wake up, it’ll wake laptop computer first, and after that rouse you your slumber with whatever music or radio station you select. You can even put it to use to seamlessly change from one playlist to another, changing the mood at a specific time (a good tool when its time to your guests to go away.) Now with a large variety of nameable alarms!

Collins Italian-English Dictionary for Mac is the perfect resource for serious foreign language learners. In addition to robust dictionary content, this app includes flashcards, verb conjugation, grammar references, number translation, a hotkey for look-up in multiple applications, and more in one easy-to-use interface.

Sound Control lets users use a software volume mixer. Sound Control enables users to simply and quickly change app volumes and also selectively apply a system-wide EQ to app audio. Sound Control can this by having a software mixer for the menu bar of your respective Mac. In addition for the volume mixer, Sound Control also adds a software EQ for a audio output allowing users to easily tailor the sound of the Mac’s audio to their specific taste or to properly calibrate for the frequency response of the speakers.

The MailFollowUp bundle adds a “Follow Up” item to the Message and contextual menus (and optional toolbar item) of Apple’s Mail application that permits you to compose (after which send) a quoted version with the original message to all of the original recipients, keeping the To, CC, and BCC addresses exactly as they appeared within the original message.