• Vice Mayor Amsterdam
  • Rutger is the leader of GroenLinks (Green Left) Amsterdam, which became the biggest party in the last local election in March 2018. Before the elections Rutger and the leaders of the Socialist Party (SP) and the social democrat PvdA formed the Left Pact, which made a plea to make Amsterdam a Fearless City.

Toha de Brant

  • Urban Anthropologist
  • As an urban anthropologist, photographer and creative she is driven by unraveling powerful ideas and assumptions we have about particular places, people and cultures. She has a special interest in the way people relate to urban space, the social issues that arise within cities, and the way photography and the media play a role in our knowledge formation about the world.

Thomas Dawance

  • Community Land Trust
  • Il a ou a été engagé au sein de plusieurs associations luttant pour le droit au logement. Il fut président du Rassemblement Bruxellois pour le Droit à l’Habitat, de l’asbl 123 logements (occupation précaire) et de l’AIS Quartiers. Il est actuellement administrateur de l’asbl Sohonet. Il est chargé de projets au sein du Community Land Trust de Bruxelles depuis sa création en 2012.

Maxime Zait

  • Communa
  • Passionné par les questions liées au Droit à la Ville, au municipalisme et à l’univers des communs, Maxime déploie son énergie dans la construction d’alternatives concrètes. Juriste de formation, il est cofondateur de Communa et chercheur en économie des communs.


  • Urban sociologist of gentrification and housing policy
  • Dr. Andrej Holm is social scientist and working as researcher and lecturer for urban sociology at Humboldt University in Berlin. His fields of research are gentrification, housing politics, forced eviction and squatting. From December 2016 to January 2017 he was Secretary of State for Housing in Berlin’s administration under the social democrat-left-green government.

Florian Schmidt

  • Head of the municipal building and planning control office Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
  • District councilor for building, planning and facility management in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Berlin
    is an urban sociologist and project developer, urban activist and politician. Studies of sociology, art history and economics in Hamburg, Berlin and Barcelona. In 2011 he founded together with others the “Initiative Rethinking the City”.

Elodie d’Halluweyn

  • Environmentalist, active for animal rights and development cooperation
  • Vegan, she recently joined the new belgian political party – DierAnimal – which has a holistic program in order to create harmony and respect for the planet and all living beings as humans and animals. She is also the Vice-President of Végétik – NGO which sensilibize about plant-based diet and all topics linked to this subject.

Hanne van Reusel

  • Commons Josaphat
  • Commons Josaphat est une plate-forme indépendante d’habitants de quartier, de militants et d’associations. Ce qui nous lie, c’est l’idée que notre ville peut être gérée comme un bien commun

Esra Tat

  • Connector at Ouishare, Network & Development Coordinator of Zero Waste Europe
  • Esra Tat is a movement builder, strategic consultant and facilitator, focusing on environmental issues, resources and climate. She currently coordinates the European network dedicated to Zero Waste, and works specifically with municipalities. At Ouishare, she regularly contributes on governance and decentralised organising matters within international networks.

Eleonora de Majo

  • City council Naples
  • Eleonora de Majo is the youngest member of city council of Naples from 2016 and President of urban policies and right to the city commission. Eleonora is also an activist of social movements and of a social centre of Naples called Insurgencia and few months ago she finished her PhD in political philosophy.

Lieven de Cauter

  • Philosopher and activist
  • Lieven De Cauter (Koolskamp, 1959) is a Belgian philosopher, art historian, writer, and activist based in Brussels. He has written and edited numerous books focusing on contemporary art, architecture, politics, and the city, including: The Capsular Civilization: On the City in the Age of Fear; Heterotopia and the City: Public space in a Postcivil society

Frans Bieckmann

  • Writer, researcher and activist
  • Frans Bieckmann is a writer, researcher and activist from Amsterdam. He wrote several books, the last one about New left politics in Spain, with several chapters about the municipalist movement and the progressive city governments in Spanish cities like Barcelona and Madrid. Frans (co)organized several events in Amsterdam about Fearless Cities or Rebel Cities. He is currently working as an advisor to the Fearless City Amsterdam project.

Pablo Fernandez del Castillo

  • Co-founder Commonomia
  • Co-Founder and International Conector of Commonomia and organiser of Sharing Islands. Promoter of Communify, a Tool Kit for a collaborative ecosystem. Interpreter, Official at the European Commission. Law Degree and Master in European Affairs. Member of DIEM25. Lives in Belgium.

Elena Tarifa

  • Journalist
  • Journalist, PR and Corporate Communications Consultant, expert on Public Gender Equality Policies and interest in European policy and New Economies. Feminist and social activist for many years in different women associations and for the Catalan Journalists Union. Joined Barcelona en Comú in February 2015 so as to contribute to radical democratic change in local politics in Barcelona and to develop a new municipalist agenda.  

Charlaine Provost

  • Financite Network
  • Après un séjour dans le monde de la finance traditionnelle, Charlaine s’est tournée vers l’économie et la finance solidaire au sein du réseau Financité. Elle travaille actuellement sur un projet de recherche-action qui questionne le potentiel de résilience urbaine apporté par les monnaies citoyennes et les systèmes d’échange non monétarisés.

Sarah de Heusch

  • Project Officer for the Development & Strategy Unit of SMart
  • Sarah de Heusch is Project officer for the Development & Strategy Unit of SMart, a cooperative of freelancers. Currently addressing the issue of social protection and labor market evolutions (especially freelancers and so called “atypical workers”), she develops knowledge with academics and builds partnerships and collaborations with organizations and networks that share SMarts’ values and concerns.

Olivier De Schutter

  • Professor of international human rights law, UCL, Belgium
  • Former UN Rapporteur on the Right to Food, International law and EU specialist. In his work, he seeks to link the human rights principles of participation, accountability, and non-discrimination, with the idea of learning-based public policies, that are permanently tested and revised in the light of their impact on the poorest and most vulnerable.

Eric Corijn

  • Professor at VUB, Activist
  • Cultural philosopher and social scientist, professor (em.) social & cultural geography, vice chair of the Brussels Studies Institute, director of the Brussels Academy, member of the jury Stadsvernieuwingsprojecten Flanders and chair of think tanks Vooruitgroep and Aula Magna

Joanna Maycock

  • Secretary General, European Womens Lobby, EWL
  • Feminist NGO leader based in Brussels. Very knowledgeable on systemic change, power, privelige, patriarchy. Fluent in English, French, Dutch. Linked to strong network of feminists across Europe.

Natalia Lombardo

  • Contributor at Enspiral, member of Loomio Coop
  • Helping groups grow collaborative and cooperative cultures through @thehum_team Member of @loomio coop. Contributor at @enspiral

Hanne Lahousse

  • Project Manager at Growfunding
  • After her master studies in Business Engineering, Hanne Lahousse obtained a second master in European Urban Studies. She worked for 2 years on the Urban Policy Department of the Flemish government, before she joined Growfunding in 2017. At Growfunding her main roles our project coaching and development, quantitative analysis and international network development.

Jean Francois De Hertogh

  • Project Manager at Growfunding
  • After his studies in law, Jean-François obtained his Master in Governance and Global Affairs at Universiteit Leiden. He worked for one year in European affairs while contributing to the non-profit BrusselsTogether. He joined Growfunding in 2018 to work on new crowdsourcing tools and programs. He also operates as a coach for various social entrepreneurs launching crowdfunding campaigns.