Workshop 10 How to implement municipalism values in your daily actions

Building connection and trust between people can create a powerful foundation for any kind of cooperation.  As Frederic Laloux says: “Trust makes ordinary people do extraordinary things.”

This workshop centres on building trust, appreciation and connection via storytelling.  This is also the first step in the so-called SALT approach. SALT is an acronym, describing the basic attitude of:

S – Stimulating, Support, Storytelling

A – Appreciation, Authenticity

L – Listen, Learn, Link

T – Trust, Transfer, Transform

The theme of the story-telling exercises will be aligned with the theme of the weekend:  Fear or rather Fearlessness. We will also discover what each one of us can do with our unique strengths, talents and passions to create the city we want to live and work in.

  • Alessandra Satta & Anita Sheehan, ImpaKt Coaching & Consulting
  • Timothée Brès
  • Marta Junqué, Barcelona En Comú