Opening plenary- Why we are here?

The Fearless Cities Brussels begins. We welcome us all who are here at the KAAI Theater to meet one another as human beings and citizens of Brussels. The invitation is to be present to encounter one another with our wishes, needs, grievances and motivations. And to cometogether as people who with every step and every choice create this city. We come together to create new knowledge about Brussels, her status quo and her potential. And to become aware of our power to create the city in which we want to live and also of our demands towards those with institutional power.

The beginning of this conference introduces us to this spirit. It‘s a moment for arriving, oneself, in the Fearless Cities community that is emerging in these two days, and in the processes of creative democracy with which we will experiment at all times during this conference. We have invited 6 passionate people who will offer us their experience of Brussels and the potential of municipalism. And we will experiment, exchange and hear a multiplicity of our voices – those who are present.