Workshop 14 WHAT MAKES US MOVE. A workshop for body and mind

This workshop is a moment of experience to work on the ecology of relationships.

The foyer of the KaaiTheater will become the space of our human and bodily gatherings. 30 participants who do not know each other take the power to create and cooperate together, as a group, through simple gestures, movements and actions.

A research process to re- establish in us the importance of trust, of sharing, of belonging and of toleraence in our daily lives.

Could this opportunity, which opens in the ephemeral – and thus precious – time of the workshop change the manner in which we interact with those around us? Can we change our future by stimulating the social imaginary and dream a entirely different city? We would then finally start grasping the true potential of art in terms of innovation and resilience. The acting energy and power of the collective will be contaminating…


Workshop by: Elisa Pais – plateforme Turn a_lab BXL