Workshop 12: Rethinking the tools for democracy

Democracy is too often reduced to elections, parliamentary representation and majority rule. There are many other tools and methods that exist to enable citizens to express their voices and to reach group decisions. Many of such tools are widely used in many civil society organisations, informal groups, or companies, but still remain largely unexplored in official politics. A municipalist approach to politics sets participation and transparency as first priorities. How can such an approach be concretely implemented? Using existing examples and experiences, this workshop will give an impression of what participation can look like in practice and reflect on how such methods could possibly be applied in the present context of Brussels.

  • Dimitri Lemaire – Particitiz – Challenges of implementing participatory processes in the existing political institutions
  • Marta Junqué – Barcelona en Comù – Presentation of the participatory online platform Decidim
  • Jessica Sciarnè – Non una di Meno – Populist and instrumentalisation risks of citizen participation (to be confirmed)
  • Leen Schelfhout – Liste citoyenne, Anvers
  • Kewan Mertens A parliament of randomly sampled citizens with true legislative power: is this possible for the region of Brussels?
  • David Talkuder  – ULB (to be confirmed)