Workshop 8 Housing for all: a right or a conquest? Different emancipation strategies

Social diversity is a necessary condition for a healthy city, but a growing number of Brussels residents are forced to leave. Rising rent prices, the lack of solutions for low-income families, the isolation of those living in the  most precarious way, and the slowness of administration increasingly exclude people from access to decent housing, while many buildings are vacant.
What forms of struggle are effective against real estate speculation? What tools do we have to prevent the “revitalization” of a neighborhood at the expense of the most vulnerable populations? What contradictions lie behind ephemeral projects? What is the difference between care and emancipation? How can we act together?
This workshop will plunge us into the landscape of struggles and innovative tools developed so far to tackle social injustice – temporary occupations, transit housing, rental guarantees, access to property on public land, housing co-ops – and will highlight the role played by citizens in imagining common alternatives, in Brussels and in Europe.

Andrej Holm, urban sociologist of gentrification and housing policy, Berlin

Véronique Gérard, La Fébul

Thomas Dawance, Community Land Trust Brussels

Aurelia van Gucht, MQ Bonnevie et Groupe Alarm

Maxime Zait, Communa

Victoria Uzor- L’Espoir and Alarm group

Christian Boone – Alarm group

Claude Geyskens – Alarm group

Steven Guermeur –

And some residents of Woningen123Logements

WeBxl Coordinator:  Anna Rispoli

Facilitators: Valerie Mouton & Olivia Welke