WORKSHOP 4: Food sovereignty – connecting to nature in the city

This co-creative workshop is about our capacity to determine the future of food in Brussels.  You will get the opportunity to:

  • deepen your relationship to nature through food
  • map food activism and clarify what area attracts you most
  • represent your vision of food in Brussels through human sculptures
  • inspire each other with our concerns, demands and ideas
  • hear stories from food activists (Food waste, veggie gardeners. etc)
  • deeply explore the perspectives around the issues we care about most and
  • define your next steps for creating the future of food in Brussels

This workshop is for those who want to rekindle their activist side with each and every meal you eat and produce – making Brussels green and ready to feed itself healthily!


1. Laura Pinault for FoodWIN ( Food Waste Innovation Network)
2. Cyriaque Kemp, Veggie garden builder
Project manager in banking environnement, Cyriaque has been promoting, launching and runing corporate vegetable gardens benevolantly since 2014. He had been developping interest in food challenges while turning vegetarian in 1993.
3.Elodie d’Halluweyn
is an environmentalist, active for animal rights and development cooperation.
Vegan, she recently joined the new belgian political party – DierAnimal – which has a holistic program in order to create harmony and respect for the planet and all living beings as humans and animals. She is also the Vice-President of Végétik – NGO which sensilibize about plant-based diet and all topics linked to this subject.
4. Nihal Yildirim. President DierAnimal Brussels. Brussels coordinator within the new Belgian political party DierAnimal for animals, for people and for the environment. Vegan food activist for cruelty-free,sustainable, non-dairy and organic food. Also project officer (EACEA) and formerly internal control and audit officer (EACEA and EuropeAid), HR Talent advisor (BNP Paribas Fortis).Master in political science and post-graduate degree in international law at the ULB.

WeBxl Coordinators & facilitators: Ana Adzersen & Shanthuru Premkumar