Contributions Here

This is a fully co-created citizen effort – that means the summit will be what we make of it! So you are very welcome to shape this event with your ideas and contributions. We also accept donations

We have developed a draft programme as an orientation for proposing contributions: We start and end in plenary to nurture common ground and common actions. During the day (both Saturday and Sunday), 7 thematic workshops shall be held in parallel, 14 in total. The workshops will have 4 hours (2 before and 2 after lunch). Overall, we aim for an event where engaged people will deliberate on key elements of the mosaic of municipalism. We offer this as a space to share our inspiration, expertise and questions with each other. And we especially invite and promote creative formats that enable us to dive into minority and utopian perspectives.

You are welcome to contribute in the way that is most exciting and valuable for you: you can organise a whole workshop about your topic of expertise; you can do an intervention or give a presentation at one of the workshops;you can simply come and participate and invite your community; we have created a market place for communications microtaks

Please make your proposal by email to [email protected]  by 8 September – the earlier the better! And spread the word! Everybody you deem relevant is welcome! We look forward to hearing from you! We are there to support you fully through logistics, facilitation, coordination – anything you need.