WORKSHOP 2 The city as a common. Claiming for a mixed and inclusive public space

Following the trajectory of recent urban struggles in Brussels, we will discuss our right to the city.

Keeping in mind the experience of the Pedestrian Zone and the imminent reconversion of the Stock Exchange into the Belgian Beer Experience we will question the dangers of political neutralization and touristification of the city center. With Commons Josaphat we will discuss the governance of public land ownership and the usage of public space.

How do we imagine the future of Brussels? How can we build and care for our dreamt city of the commons?


  • Toha De Brant, Hanne van Reusel, Commons Josaphat
  • Mathieu Verhaegen, Acteurs du temps présent
  • Plateforme Pentagone
  • Lieven De Cauter, philosopher and activist