Workshop 11 Institutionalising municipalism: Cooperation between municipalists in power

The municipalist movement is first and foremost local. However, many obstacles are national or imposed by neoliberal European institutions. Therefore it is crucial that cities all over Europe cooperate in countering these obstacles.This workshop will focus on how to do that. (It will build on the discussions of Workshop 7, ”Municipalising Europe – Europeanising municipalism: Connected efforts for sustainable change” which will have focused on the European cooperation of activists.) Representatives of several European city governments – councillors from Amsterdam, Naples, Barcelona, – will discuss strategies: Should we focus on collaboration and exchange on specific themes, and if so, which? On lobby (in Brussels and through conventional diplomatic channels) trying to reach concrete short term results, visible to large audiences? Or should we start building a European municipalist ‘front’ that reaches out to the media and the public, advocating systemic changes, and opposing national and European neoliberal institutions by creating real alternatives? And, if both, how can we effectively combine these two objectives? What concrete steps do we need to take tomorrow?


  • Rutger Groot Wassink (vice mayor and councillor for Social Affairs, Democratization and Diversity of the City of Amsterdam)
  • Eleanora de Majo (councillor from Naples, responsible for the Commons)
  • Florian Schmidt, Head of the municipal building and planning control office Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
  • Josep Maria Montaner, Councillor for Housing and Urbanism in the Barcelona City Hall