About Fearless Cities


Brussels will be the heart of a new global political phenomenon known as municipalism.

The first fearless cities event took place in Barcelona from 9 to 11 june 2017 organized by Barcelona en Comú.

The synergies created at that time and place were so strong that https://chiefessays.net/ it turned into a global municipalist network. Since then, these neighborhood movements, mayors and local councilors have been collaborating to build global networks of solidarity and hope from the bottom up.

Some of the members of WeBrussels, a fluid, open team of engaged citizens went to Barcelona and they got inspired by that moment. They decided to apply to host the next fearless cities in Brussels. In 2018 this dream became true.

This is what they expect from the event:

– To learn about what is happening across Brussels’ communes, multiple languages and communities, in Belgium across 3 regions and in the adjacent countries.
– To learn about what is happening around the world when it comes to municipalism, democratic alternatives, feminist politics etc.
– To connect people and organisations from the different communities of Brussels, Belgium and beyond to share their visions and strengthen their activism for a different kind of politics for the city – based on hope, solidarity, justice, equality, inclusion, love and ultimately care for people and planet
– To make responsive and responsible change and adaptation the way politics happen in Brussels. Brussels politics must become responsibly rooted in the every-day reality of its inhabitants.
– Political decision-making to create spaces for participation and empowerment of citizen engagement, so Brussels can emerge from the Brusseleirs’ visions for their city.
– To use the upcoming local, (regional and European) elections as the thesis statement romeo and juliet incredible opportunity they are to not only call for, but to enforce -through the vote- more democracy into our system.

They want to mobilise people around the call to “elect a process, not a person”


If you want to get in touch with the organizers of Fearless Cities, you can contact [email protected]
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