Fearless Cities

Reinventing Local Politics Summit

After Barcelona, Warsaw and New York, Brussels joins the family of cities to host a “municipalist” summit. Fearless Cities is a two day conference designed to discuss a more open, transparent, flexible, inclusive and caring way to manage the city. Social, cultural and street workers, entrepreneurs, artists, activists and engaged citizens are currently busy learning to govern themselves and take things in their own hands. But we also need you to join this unique democratic public space we are going to create during 2 days in September.

What the summit aims at?

Inspire people to reflect on democracy. Make more people aware of the power they could have.
It also will create a space for organizations to network and collaborate : they have become owners of the topic (environment, movility etc) and they can create new synergies to take their efforts to the next level.

What will happen?

Each day there will be an introductory plenary session, followed by 7 thematic workshops. At the end of the day, the main points from the workshops will be harvested and joined up at the final plenary session. Also expect great food and unexpected artistic interventions.

Expected outcomes

A harvesting of ideas collected from group work on each of the topic.
Experiencing a new working method : participatory methods that participants can apply in their own organizations.
Open a real debate about the need to rethink the system.
Some synergies among participants: new projects might pop up.